"Powerplan, a customized, European, flexible and independent Engine/APU pay-by-the-hour programme has been launched recently. With headquarters in Luxembourg and a sales office located in Austria, Powerplan provides budget stability for upcoming aircraft maintenance events.


Working to prevent the operator/owner from facing the burden of paying the peaks of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance by covering these costs on a customized basis, Powerplan is available for both engines and APU, and offers several options to support the individual management of the aircraft and to meet the specific needs of each aircraft owner/operator.


This programme differs from existing solutions in that it can be customized to the individual need of each client. A wide list of optional services makes it easy to tailor a complete, worry-free maintenance programme. A product of Aerodynamics - a joint stock company established 2004 under the laws of Luxembourg - the Powerplan programme is managed by well-experienced professionals in various fields of aviation and finance."


Source: GA Buyer Europe Magazine, April issue


see full article: http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/ActiveMagazine/getBook.asp?Path=GAB/2010/04/01&BookCollection=WAC&ReaderStyle=Gray&page=44

"Engine guaranteed maintenance programs are a good way to insure your aircraft value, provide stable budgeting and perhaps even save money over a pay as you go engine. You’d be wise to evaluate these programs for next aircraft."
David WyndhamConklin & de Decker Information and Consulting firm