Pay-by-hour at a glance

Product Overview

A pay-by-hour program enables the owner / operator of an aircraft to budget the major cost events of engine overhauls and delivers insurance against catastrophic engine loss. The aircraft owner / operator pays in set-aside per flight hour. The monies go into a bank account. As engine maintenance expenses occur, the money is drawn out to pay the expense.


The chart illustrates the temporary peaks of maintenance expenses. Powerplan smoothes those stringent one-time payments and additionally covers the cost of unscheduled events.

Powerplan was designed by a group of well experienced specialists in the fields of finance, maintenance, sales and customer care. All parties have acquired abundant experience with pay-by-hour programs.


“The solution to keeping turbine-equipped aircraft of all sizes and types airworthy is a comprehensive, progressive maintenance plan that can be customised to the specific operator and aircraft, and the personnel to keep that aircraft on that plan.”
Amy Laboda
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