Powerplan is flexible

Enrolment for new aircraft

It is easy to enter the program at any time, for new and in-service aircraft alike.







Enrolment for new aircraft:

When taking delivery of a new aircraft, future engine maintenance events are often not considered. However, this is the right time to enrol with Powerplan:


  • warranties of manufacturers don´t cover all expenses associated with repairs within warranty
  • scheduled maintenenace is still the aircraft owners responsibility - the earlier you start saving funds for maintenance repairs, the easier it is to schedule the financing
  • Powerplan offers services beyond the manufacturer´s warranties


During the warranty period, Powerplan begins accrual of funds for upcoming maintenance inspections while the aircraft owner reaps the benefit of a reduced warranty rate.

Even in the event of an unscheduled event, our program supports you by avoiding the hassles of warranty discussions.


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