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Enrolment for in-service aircraft

An in-service aircraft can be enrolled to the Powerplan program at any time.

Powerplan offers you two means to compensate for the accumulated flight hours: The buy-in option or the pro-rated cost share enrolment:


Buy-in enrolment

A pro-rata compensation payment compensates for the previous use of the engines. This payment hands over the financial risk to Powerplan for all future engine maintenance covered under the program.


Pro-rated cost share

By choosing the pro-rated cost share option, Powerplan and the owner share the cost of the first major scheduled inspections or component replacements. This is the favourite choice for many customers as there is no up-front payment obligation, which can assist in the management of short term cash-flow while still being immediately covered for unscheduled events in full. 



Interval for hot section inspection (HSI) all 2000 hours
Interval for overhaul (O.H.) all 4000 hours
The engines are planned for a Powerplan enrolment at 1000 hours. By choosing the pro-rated cost share option, the owner / operator would be responsible for 50% of the next hot section and 25% of the next overhaul at the time these scheduled events occur.

“The solution to keeping turbine-equipped aircraft of all sizes and types airworthy is a comprehensive, progressive maintenance plan that can be customised to the specific operator and aircraft, and the personnel to keep that aircraft on that plan.”
Amy Laboda
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