Powerplan is benficial


Powerplan is flexible: Once you decide to sell the aircraft you

have the freedom of choice:


  • transfer the funds with the aircraft to the new owner
  • transfer the funds to a replacement aircraft
  • terminate the program



When selling an aircraft, buyers look for a safe investment. Powerplan increases the resale value because

it ensures that the engines are well kept and the budgeting for the next major cost event is on track.


In the event the customer sells the aircraft without the program, all amounts within the fund can be transferred

to another aircraft. The program is transferable to different aircraft models or even aircraft made by different manufacturers.


Should you decide not to continue the program, Powerplan will reimburse a major part of the positive credit balance to you. 

"Engine guaranteed maintenance programs are a good way to insure your aircraft value, provide stable budgeting and perhaps even save money over a pay as you go engine. You’d be wise to evaluate these programs for next aircraft."
David WyndhamConklin & de Decker Information and Consulting firm
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