Powerful coverage

Powerplan protects your investments. The comprehensive program covers numerous components, including items only featured on competitor´s extras list. It can easily be customized to your individual situation and needs. Choose from a list of options and tailor yourself the complete, worry-free, maintenance program you have been waiting for.


Complete risk transfer

Powerplan is a cost-saving and budgeting system for future maintenance whilst also offering insurance against the rare, but costly unscheduled maintenance events. There are no unpredictable and hidden financial spikes, all costs are locked down.


Different enrolment possibilities

Powerplan makes it easy to enter the program at any time. The two options offered are a buy-in enrolment and the pro-rated cost share variant. The latter enables an enrolment with no up-front payment and provides immediate protection.


Flexible transfer upon aircraft sale

Solutions for engine care offered by manufacturers vary in depth and are limited to the specific engine or brand. Powerplan fills in that gap and provides a flexible solution. Upon sale the program can remain with the aircraft or be transferred to any replacement aircraft - independent of the new engine's brand and type.


Early termination option

At Powerplan you have the freedom of choice. Should you decide to terminate the program, Powerplan will reimburse the positive credit balance less management and other associated fees.


Increased resale value

Powerplan adds value to your aircraft. Aircraft sale price sources such as Vref and the Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest either include a pay-by-hour program in their selling price and subtract for engines not on a program.


One fleet - one program

Powerplan covers different engine and APU models regardless of the manufacturer. It is therefore a beneficial solution for operators / owners who need one hassle free solution for their multi typed aircraft fleet.

"Engine guaranteed maintenance programs are a good way to insure your aircraft value, provide stable budgeting and perhaps even save money over a pay as you go engine. You’d be wise to evaluate these programs for next aircraft."
David WyndhamConklin & de Decker Information and Consulting firm
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